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What are your options if you have adverse credit?

Which Remortgage Product? Poorly managed debts that have resulted in bankruptcy such as County Court Judgements will make it difficult to obtain finance.

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People who are financially linked to you who have a history of defaulting on finance agreements can affect your credit assessments. Your credit reports will have details about who is economically connected to you.

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It should be noted that no matter what you do to improve your creditworthiness, there are no guaranteed mortgages for blemished credit. Many of the homeowners 1 st UK have helped in the past have approached us feeling trapped. Bad credit spikes interest rates; sometimes to the point of unaffordability. Even if your credit history is trashed, there are options available. Different lenders take on different risk levels. The above are just some of the select lenders 1 st UK work with that do approve bad credit homeowner loans when the banks and building societies refuse. Alternatives for borrowing do exist regardless of what is included in your past debt history.

It can be tough remortgaging with bad credit and arrears, and even active DMPs. There are poor credit home loans available from a lender somewhere. If you have an existing mortgage that is an exceptionally good deal, for example:. You should consider avoiding re-mortgaging completely.

If you are unable to borrow the money you need on an unsecured basis you should consider getting a secured loan. Below are some of the lenders and deals that you can look at to see if they suit your needs:. Rather than re-mortgaging your home you could consider equity release. It may be possible for you to pay off your existing mortgage, release some equity then make no monthly payments at all. The interest on the equity release mortgage further erodes the equity in your home so the interest and principal are paid off when you die or move into long term care by the sale of your home.

Remortgage With Bad Credit

Getting finance is doable. Not necessarily approved. As with many things, there are no guarantees.

3 Of Our Most Popular Sub Prime Products

There are a few select high-risk re-mortgage companies on our panel. It seems bad, but it could be worse. What we advise you do is use a mortgage broker who has expertise with subprime loans for people with bad credit as they will know how the lenders work.

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  • For bad credit applicants, a standard variable rate tracker is not usually the way forward. These affect bank to bank lending.

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    The vast majority of mainstream lenders, such as the big four banks in the UK:. Will offer standard variable rate and tracker products that track the Bank of England rate, which affect the rate of interest you get for your mortgage. The majority of adverse lenders for bad credit will borrow the finance they need to provide you with the homeowner loan that you need. That pushes the interest rates higher for the borrower. This type of secured loan option can give you a safeguard.

    One way to take advantage of lower rate borrowing is to get a discounted rate on an introductory offer, then when that expires, it could revert to a tracker rate, for which you can be given a capped rate letting you know exactly what your maximum interest charge is going to be. The only real difference is the fees, interest rates and deposit amounts are higher.

    Every lender has one goal in mind. To mitigate that risk, they charge higher interest rates. That just means the conveyancing costs and legal costs are covered by the lender. If you default, that first charge entitles them to repossess to recover the money they let you borrow. As far as the costs go for accessing refinance, the highest cost is often the arrangement fee.

    This has to be considered in the overall pricing to get the best deal. You could have one provider offer a 4. The higher interest can work out cheaper over the two-year fixed term deal due to the lower arrangement fee. This is the part where your selection pool of potential lenders narrows.

    Compare remortgages with bad credit

    Even worse, bad credit can cause individuals difficulties while working to correct their credit situation and get their finances back on track. Our company has extensive experience working with clients in bad credit situations. If you are unsure of your next step, contact our knowledgeable team — our experienced advisors can help to identify what options for remortgage are accessible to you given your unique issues. Our advisors have exclusive access and have built relationships with bad credit mortgage brokers who understand the hardships of those with credit problems and who are willing to work with individuals who find themselves in these types of situations.

    Our advisors know which lenders to approach for the best remortgaging plans. More often than not, it is hard for individuals with credit issues to locate a lender who is willing to work with them. Those individuals who are committed to straightening out their financial situation, who may have old defaults and arrears in their past but better cash flow in their present, have little to no luck finding an organization that will work with them. Even if the client is looking to refinance or clear debts through a debt consolidation remortgage, lenders are often hesitant to take on their unique bad credit case.

    This can leave clients feeling defeated and as if they have no resources to assist them. What many individuals may not be aware of is that there are mortgage and remortgage plans specifically catered to complex circumstances. It is generally believed that these types of specialized mortgages are more expensive but this is not always true.

    Clients who are willing to do the leg work to seek out different bad credit remortgage options are often surprised at the affordable deals out there. A great place to start when looking for these types of remortgages is by contacting us — we have access to plans and lenders who are willing to work with clients in poor or bad credit situations including those with ccj's. In years past, lenders were advertising remortgage rates of up to 8 percent!

    We can help applicants find bad credit remortgage lenders and secure rates and plans that meet their needs. Although there are a number of traditional lenders who are willing to work with clients who have adverse credit, the deals they are able to make are often very strict and structured. While this may work for most individuals, some clients need more flexibility based on their circumstances. Our advisors will often point these individuals in the direction of building societies. Building societies specialize in bad credit - these organizations strive to keep up with high street banks and are more willing to offer better rates, lesser fees and more flexibility when approving a remortgage application.

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