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COM www. Storytelling is critical: Both executions, particularly Adoption, is a well-honed story — a story with humanity that leaves enough unsaid that the viewer brings their own experiences into the experience and therefore it becomes more engaging. Human insights are key: The core insight is really about how food is central to human bonding and social experience. In both commercials, food serves as a bridge, a connection, an expression of love and understanding between siblings, husband and wife and just people in general.

Smart marketers own the category benefit: Food is an effective way to share our goodness. This is the underlying emotional benefit of food, besides its ability to sustain us physically. First, they decided to launch the campaign online. Second, they approved story lines where the brand is the hero without the product being the hero or appearing all over the story. Third, they approved scripts that took on out of the ordinary topics. And finally, they understood that we live in a connected world and had their agencies seed, enable and leverage sharing.

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Recognize and leverage the power of new media: Many marketers see digital and new media — even today in India and often around the world — as an afterthought, an add-on or something one does to claim it is in the plan. Why not start with the idea first and then determine the media rather than starting with the: 30 or the print ad? International appeal The underlying insight of human goodness linked to sharing food, combined with the realization that the digital world allows one the room to tell a story which can then be shared and edited for other media, is so big that this campaign has an appeal for international audiences, making it possible to leverage this effort across the globe.

In a connected world, the best ideas can come from everywhere and the Internet is global! Marketers and Agencies need to realize that some of the old arts storytelling, insights, understanding category benefits and pure client and agency guts are very critical. So is the ability to seamlessly leverage old and new media in ways that get people not only to be viewers, but be part of the media distribution plan. Imagine doing that for a revered and wellestablished brand with more than a century of existence!

Is it just splurging of money to generate media attention or a genuine signal towards a new direction for the company? Is it worth it? Reebok took this giant step to rebrand to the delta logo which only the third logo in a century of its existence. The triangular symbol represents the transformation in physical, mental and social state of an individual through attention on fitness. The aim is to reposition its image, step away from elite and professional athletes and focus towards fitness in everyday life. There is no doubt that the fitness industry is booming in U. S and all over world.

The United States is the single biggest user of health and fitness products, surpassing their next competitor by nearly 3. People are concerned about their weight and physical appearance more than ever. Opening of Reebok Fit-Hub retail stores and becoming the title sponsor of the CrossFit Games was a step in this direction. The brand communication involved inspiring people to live life with passion and purpose through embedding fitness as a sports in their lifestyle. However, this rebranding would come with an expensive trade-off. To follow the new vision, it will have to cede relationships with professional sports leagues who may either switch to the parent company Adidas or worse if they switch to rivals like Nike.

The only advantage would be that there will be reduced fear of cannibalization between Reebok and Adidas as the focus and target segment are different now. Adidas would continue to strengthen its association with large-scale sporting events and prestigious athletes whereas Reebok can focus on fitness sports. In context of the Indian market, the rebranding would give Reebok a chance to revitalize itself leaving behind the financial and goodwill loss due to commercial irregularities in Thus, in alignment with the global strategy, Reebok will open new fit hub stores in India by The focus is on.

It will also roll out its Mega Pink initiative aimed at encouraging women to take up running for fitness. Last but not the least of its worries would be the criticism that Reebok has received for the logo design which is drab and not unique. There is no shortage of delta themed logos out there and it closely resembles that of Delta Airlines and Google drive. The delta signifying transformation is also an overused concept. However, with the new logo, the marketing communications becomes vital as it will define the brand identity going forward.

The initiatives should be focused on engaging people on a personal level and market the brand accordingly in events and partnerships with fitness themed organizations. Social and digital platform would also play a huge rule in presenting an integrated approach in brand communication. The bigger question is, could this paradigm shift revive fortunes of Reebok which has faced dip in sales in four of the last 6 years?

Can it rejuvenate itself and become the next big thing in fitness industry? The concept was introduced with an aim to address people with lower category who consider pricing to be a major issue for not being able to use flights. Currently, with a fleet of 72 aircrafts, 61 national and international destinations, and routes and over flights daily from hubs located in Asia, Air Asia has penetrated the market.

When Air Asia was launched, it was aimed to target the non-business class passengers, mainly the leisure traffic and price conscious passengers.

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The main aim was to reposition the perception that the airplanes are mainly to target the upper segment and is it a luxury thing. The major problem that Air Asia had to build the perception of not being a cheap flight and being safe. Therefore, the main focus was on providing the services to customers. In case of Air Asia, the normal services of food and drinks was not a criteria for customers to judge the flight.


It was clearly positioned to be judged on 3 parameters: Express, Convenient and Affordable. Beyond competing in prices with other flights, Air Asia competed by aggressive marketing using value added services like ticketless travel and a free seating policy. The advertisements used were very attractive and catchy. Below shown are examples. Also, they took special care while giving away free tickets. In addition to the above marketing strategies, they introduced another method of monetized services. They placed extra charges on early boarding and seat selection.

Although, in other flights this option was free but they positioned themselves as customized flight wherein customers select their seats as per their convenience. They clearly understood the buying behavior of their segment. It was clearly evident that price and convenience were the major parameters for them. As Asia achieved cost leadership by various strategies like customized seats, customized meals etc. Air Asia also leveraged this fact. They introduced fare promotions and encouraged people to book tickets early. Also, discounts on some particular days was one of the strategy. They finally went into tie ups with other companies that made them leaders in the industry.

On the right, shown is the current market potential of Air Asia. Air Asia has left behind all other airlines by a huge margin. Below shown are some of the figures compared. Air Asia could easily leverage this. The cost that was saved during this process was invested aggressively on marketing.

Air Asia spread widespread publicity through investing in Manchester United Football club and other sports events. They also invested in charitable trusts. They also took care of environment by reducing the paper ticketing system. This all activities were done to create acceptance of the brand by people. Therefore, pricing of the airlines by cutting costs from the extra benefits that customers might not want was a hit for Air Asia. Therefore to summarize the strategies company implemented were: Simple Product: Targeted the demand for extra payments on flight trips Planes were made of narrow seating and only a single class No seat assignment was there No frequent flying buyers Positioning Clearly positioned that non business class and leisure travel people.

I can barely believe it.

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When have I ever committed to anything that long? Hey, I do both of those! Seriously, it really is. You have about 2 seconds to make it count — pick a damn good memorable name the defines what your blog is all about. If you want my advice, and you are looking to break into the travel blogger community, avoid the following words if possible:. How do I phrase this? They are taken. They are oversaturated. When I am introduced to a new blogger with one of these words in their blog name, I usually forget what they are called before the conversation is even over.

No 5 star free hotels for you my friend. Travel styles change and evolve, so be very cautious and remember that. Pick an interesting blog name, pick one that defines your goals and aspirations as a travel blogger. Pick something different and unique, and definitely memorable. Hosting whaaaaaat?

If you are technically challenged like me, here is where you start to get confused. Step 3 — check to see if your kickass blog name domain name that you thought up is free and available. If not, go back to step 1 and rebrainstorm a better name. Remember, you probably want a. Domain privacy protection will keep nosy people from seeing your personal information about hosting your blog.

Obviously, you will want to back up your blog, but you can do that with plugins. Why was my blogging start so painful? Because I made a colossal fuck up by choosing to use Blogspot over WordPress in If you know zero things about how blogging works technically, I suggest you make some blog tech savvy friends immediately who can save your ass over and over and over the years cough cough Michael Tieso cough cough. And also, Blogspot is for 16 year old beauty and fashion bloggers from the UK.

It looks unprofessional.

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Nowadays you can also use Wix to build your site in a very simple, easy to understand way. They even have an artificial intelligence tool that will ask you questions and build a site for you and even your own shop and online store. Wix does everything for you so you can skip all these complicated steps. Plus you get extra bandwidth and storage which will let you have all the high res images you will need. Finally, the fun part, making your blog look awesome — pick a theme!

WordPress has heaps of free themes you can use here. Otherwise once you get going, my advice is spend a little to get a really good theme.

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Google Analytics is the industry measure for traffic on your blog. You need to set up a Google Analytics account for your blog. From there you can track your stats month to month and eventually this numbers are what you will use when you are pitching brands and tourism boards.

victoria secret freebies weebly Victoria secret freebies weebly
victoria secret freebies weebly Victoria secret freebies weebly
victoria secret freebies weebly Victoria secret freebies weebly
victoria secret freebies weebly Victoria secret freebies weebly
victoria secret freebies weebly Victoria secret freebies weebly

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