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Remember you don't have to use these machines if you park using phone2park! Txt - include the zone in your txt message.

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For example, P30 W01 tells us that you are parking in zone W Most parks in Wellington now have a four-digit bay number in a plaque on the kerb. You can use this instead of a parking zone. Receipt of this message is important as it confirms that your parking is paid for, which vehicle has been parked, and when your parking expires.

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You cannot assume that your parking is paid for until you have received this message. If you are going to be longer than expected getting back to your car, you can extend your current parking. Txt - txt an E followed by the number of extra minutes you want, eg to extend parking by 30 minutes, txt E30 to These are both managed in My Account. When you send a parking txt without a registration plate, such as P60 W01 , your default vehicle will be parked.

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Txt - to park other vehicles on your account, you simply include the vehicle registration plate in your txt message. See the Charges page for more details. Sign in.

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When you park by txt, your mobile number must be registered against your phone2park account. Parking Time App - simply dial up the time in hours and minutes. Parking Zones There are different parking zones around Wellington marked by large yellow signs on the pay-and-display machines.

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  7. When you park using phone2park, you should tell us which zone you are in. App - simply choose the zone in the Zone Wheel. Note: Wellington zones start with a W and have two digits e. It is an offence to specify a parking zone that is cheaper than the one you are parking in.

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    However there are no parking zones with a higher hourly rate than zone W Our system considers all possible pricing variations e. The default vehicle type is a regular vehicle. The definition of an oversize vehicle is anything " or longer and 70" or higher. It's important to note that while we're able to check official dimensions against the regulations we've been given, the decision to charge for oversize or supersize is ultimately up to the discretion of the attendant onsite.

    We advise folks to be prepared to pay an oversize fee if they're driving anything larger than a sedan. Airports: All on-airport and off-airport garages and lots for every major U. Details for each facility are provided and all rates can be instantly calculated so that motorists can make a fair and unbiased comparison. Both short-term and long-term parking are supported.

    Parking Coupons

    Thus, they are neither "per day" nor "per hour. Users can also submit verified pricing information via our iOS and Android applications, by including a photo of the posted rates. Is the facility open to the public and within our coverage area? If so, please email us at Support BestParking.

    Recent Phone2park Improvements

    BestParking is simply a tool to help you decide where you want to park by displaying the rates and locations of parking garages. Because we are an independent company we are unable to provide you with specific recommendations. However, you should use our hourly parking option to find inexpensive garages near your destination. Please remember that unless a garage offers a reservation, the rate is not guaranteed, and you will need to confirm it personally by contacting the facility directly before parking.

    Daily Parking Coupons

    No, zero facilities in New York City allow re-entry. Find Nearby Parking. New York City. Find Parking cancel.

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