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It can be a bit daunting to sort them all out. But we will do our best to break down the differences and find the best one for every type of customer. Note that these deals do change from time to time, and might even vary depending on your service area. See the table below for a complete breakdown. Chart updated July 16th, Plans occasionally vary based on your location. Now We do this yearly for 4 years now takes about 40 minutes of my life each time. I consider it haggling for my deal. These plans are old. I called and asked them how the hell does that make sense, They are de-facto forcing people to have cable TV and internet bundle by making it cheaper.

We are preparing to cut the cable and voice from our triple play package. We bought an Ooma for phone service. We will be buying our own modem so as not to rent off of comcast. We will cancel the cable and get a higher internet speed. We hope you enjoy being a cord cutter. Tip when we started we kept cable for a month but tried not to use it.

Took us about two weeks to find all of our shows across the different services. Well, we did it.

Called the cable company and cancelled the cable. We added Sling TV. In addition, we have the Netflix. We dropped the voice and purchased the Ooma we love it! With the exception of Fox News Channel, we have almost everything we want. I found some of my favorite shows are free to view on their station websites. Welcome to the cord cutting family! On a side note mbps down is a bit over kill for just streaming. We only have 20 down and can run multiple streams at once. You could save even more by down grading especially when the promotional rate ends.

x1 double play

Son and wife and baby and another on the way will be moving in with us next month. Could we do ok with the 20? She said that was the normal rate. The only thing that could make the whole setup better is if we could get local channels OTA, but we can get NO reception here even with a good antenna. No cell service either.

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Well, I just did it yesterday. Like most we really only watched 10 or so channels and the ocassional need for sports programming was not worth the cost.

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I did test Sling TV last week and was not impressed. Too many flaws ESPN not really great in this mode, limited pause capability and just another app to manage. We decided to use Amazon and Netflix which all the family uses both at home and college. I took my equipment directly to a Comcast service center. It was easy and painless.

The rep was courteous and helpful. No pressure at all. That means break even is months out but my old bill for years has been between with comcast home that I did not factor into the above numbers. Yes, ultimately I waited too long and chose to keep paying but now it feels great to be out the Comcast cycle of promotions and price increases. Most Hulu Plus content is available for free with a regular Hulu account.

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It has device limitations, but with the right set up you can still watch on the tv. Some people use a dedicated computed for the tv and others use Plex. There are a ton of ways to find the right set up. I am so sick of the games Comcast plays!

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I cancelled the appt as I do have a busy full time job, and decided to go with basic and my Apple TV. Thanks for the forum to vent :. For those of you looking to get the most basic of basic cable packages, the Cox Starter package is ridiculously inexpensive.

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But hey, you can always sign up for a Netflix subscription. Over 50 of them are just music channels. Download Spotify instead and get unlimited music for free. You can add that. Or how about some Spanish-speaking channels? You can add those too. It all depends on how much you plan on recording. If not, you might want a cable provider with a cheaper DVR. And our first impression was so positive. And if Spectrum increases the price on you after a year, you may want to. You get 75 hours of HD storage, and you can only record two things at once.

Compare that to Xfinity, where you can record up to six things at once and get hours of HD storage. Speaking of which, why is every Bachelor episode like three hours long? Survivor and American Idol were on at the same time. We were a house divided. Our measly cable box could only record one thing at a time. Thankfully, with Optimum, you can record literally 15 shows at once. Seriously, all nine of them. In a big surprise to nobody, this cable TV company adds extra fees to your bill.

We sorted through more than a dozen cable TV providers to highlight some of the best. We considered pricing, fees, contracts, and more to determine which cable TV provider deserves your attention. Overall, we can say this about each:. Did we miss something? Which service provider do you think is the best?

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