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Bunnings will refund purchases even when customers simply change their minds. It will credit the purchase when the customer has lost the receipt or if the goods have been opened. True, some customers abuse the policy. The staff at the returns counter — yes, there are plenty of them — are always courteous and friendly when processing the credit or refunding the cash.

The only issue to have emerged in this exchange process was when I bought a product that had been opened in the store before I bought it. When I took it to the counter they paged the man from the relevant department, who made sure all the parts were there, then they refunded the purchase. The penny dropped for me a few months ago when I was considering a major purchase. Often I just gave up. Eventually the pull line snapped at the very root, so I left it on the road side.

I then bought a Ryobi battery trimmer, since I hate having to pull the line 50 times. This trimmer smoked after 50 uses. I contacted Ryobi, they are not interested to help. I will not buy a Ryobi again in my life, and I urge you to do so. Their product looks beautiful, but it is not properly designed or tested! Faster and easier than a weed trimmer curves are hard but once you lean not so hard. Would not get if you only have carves.

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First time use hardest but once done reguly no problem and with a 5. There must be better products on the market - went by brand and am very disappointed. Useless on curves - the long distance between the front and back wheels makes it hard to turn. Blade wears far too quickly - probably bad quality steel?? Not really enough depth of cut, and gets worse with the fast blade wear. Heavy and cumbersome to use. Easier than edging by hand - but only marginally. Heavier than the two stroke edger it replaced. Near impossible for bends, hard to get depth correct if your lawn varies you will be adjusting it all the time, i expected an easier time as per description on box, when the grass covers the cement it is very easy to hit the blades and the cutter jumps dangerously, even kicking back to the user.

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Hard to push, hard to see blade alignment, hard to do any sort of curve. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Write a review. Ask a question. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Bunnings offered full refund after 6 months of use Build Quality. Value for Money. Ease of Use. Noise Level.

Product is used: Weekly. Grass Type Tall grass. Badly designed and poorly supported, expensive landfill! Product is used: Occasionally. Best Electric Whipper Snippers See all. Stihl FSE Ozito LWE Ozito LTP Baumr-AG TR2. Ozito LTR Machine needs new brushes. Grass Type Short grass. As I get better, so will my tools. I cant see why they would put all this into a new store if they are trying to remove them from their range:? All I can say is that if Ryobi is clever enough to come up with this scheme and make it work, more power to them.

You may or may not like Ryobi tools, but if you are the latter, the choice is easy, just dont buy them and go to Trade Tools or Glenfords or whatever and buy whatever brand tool you like. Part of the deal is that Ryobi will train Bunnings employees in proper and correct power tool use and selection. Of course, there will probably be a bit of a trend for the staff to recommend the Ryobi lines as these they will be mostly familiar with through the staff training rollout, but again, the way I see it, if the competitors to Ryobi cannot come up with something equally as good to match, then Ryobi have aced them.

Its all a big game of Survivor No one is forcing you to buy any tool or shop anywhere if you do not want to. Yes I know, if there are no other options argument etc etc ALso, int he ACCC docs there are clauses that say Bunnings can supply and sell any brand of tool, even in direct competition to Ryobi, so doesnt sound liek the agreement is totally binding. In fact, the next few paragraphs state the agreement is not even contractual and can be ceased by either party at any time without penalty etc etc.

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Let’s Talk About Ryobi

There is a big risk in this for Ryobi too as I see it. Just my 2c :. I bought a ryobi cordless drill years ago, 14V. Awful, worse than ozito or gmc. I don't even look at their stuff anymore. Trouble is there is a perception in the home market that they have built. A lot of people will buy the stuff.

That's bunnings market also, casual home users who don't know any better. I bought some mm drawer runners form an old fashioned hardware this week. I shop at Bunnings because if I need it now I've got a slightly bettter cahnce of it being on the shelf than my local harware. The Thrifty link down the road was great once, but the bloke sold it on and we've had 2 hopeless owners in a row. They just don't carry what I want to buy. I have a simple approach.

I examine the options, decide what I want, then find the best price. Bunnings aren't going to effect that in any meaningful way while the internet exists. They are an option. Options are good. Don't like that option, buy elsewhere and your beloved local businesses will stay viable.

Bunnings returns policy a secret weapon to beat online rivals

Very good point. Now come on, Lowest prices are just the beginning! When he installed the first set he wasn't happy with how they worked, very clunky. I recommended he give Halliday Hardware a ring, expected them to be about half that price. Better quality, much lower price! Yep thats the risk they are taking! Of course some big success stories come from big risks, but also some big failures : Time will tell I guess. Not only will it eventually end in tears, in the mean time the Big B can basically dictate the terms to Ryobi. Personally I put the current crop of Ryobi gear in the same league as GMC and other such brands and would generally prefer to buy better quality than that.

I'm not really concerned about Big B limiting their power tool range to Ryobi as I purchase elsewhere That would very much depend on what margin I could expect to make out of the 10 customers as against 1 customer. So, to answer your question, that depends! On top of that, Bunnings stores in general don't do their own ordering, this is left to the reps of the companies supplying them, so it would be quite staff intensive.

Yes that is very true. Whereas the GMC tools that I do own cement mixer, biscuit joiner , all work to my expectations of them.

I don't think it's going to be ryobi exclusive. What I heard was that Bunnings just has to many variations per power tool and they are just cutting back to a smaller set of choices. I'm not sure why it's a problem for them but I guess after X years in the market they have enough data to know what sells and what doesn't and aren't stocking it "all" and are trying to maximise profit by concentrating on bulk rather than choice.

It's a pity because I liked the wide range they had. Nothing pisses me off more than walking into a hardware store and they have 2 brands of drill and a limited subset at that of those brands. I might as well go to kmart.

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It's one of the things that annoys me about my local mitre 10 ignoring the stupid prices, no wonder they can't sell???? Time to move over to online purchases. Frankly aussie prices in power tools are ridiculous anyway for anything decent. I'm happy to import. Never had much luck with warranties anyway. Most stuff dies outside of warranty period. This exlusive deal with Bunnings isn't an experiment BTW.

Ryobi have had the same deal going for several years with Home Depot in the United States, so Ryobi knows exactly what it is doing - probably more so than Bunnings does. Dear Want2Learn, and we got onto the subject of DeWalt service. Your brother should give them a try as they are in "Northern Brisbania".

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  • Thanks Felixe, I'll run that address by him if I see him this weekend, and e-mail it to him next week if I don't. The trouble with a lot of technical outfits such as where he works nowadays is that they've got so much work on that decisions end up getting made pretty quickly when the tool is needed, and once they're made such as a new drill being bought they're seldom revisisted such as "Let's try to fix up those old drills again He's got one of those Swiss-made Bosch "Greenies" nice drill though for himself at home, so maybe I can talk him into trying to resurrect one of the DeWalts for himself unless they're both Rotary Hammers, in which case it would be hard for him to see much use in owning such a thing when he could always just borrow one from work.

    We'll see what happens Thanks again and Best Wishes, Batpig. Has anyone found someone they can buy ryobi parts from direct, i need a ignition kitt for a whipper snipper out of warranty and to get the thing fixed is around the same cost as a new one. And yes its bunnings. The order took 3 months to arrive and cost slightly less than a third the price quoted by the local Ryobi Service Agent, who is a "real" tool shop. Try them, ask for a price.

    Well if Ryobi start making their tools like they did 10 years ago i'm a happy chappy. I'm not holding my breath for ryobi power tools. They are in limbo land as far as I'm concerned. Out of curiosity I had a look at there new range of drills and it didn't take me long to re-affirm what I had already known. What I do like is the interchangeable batteries. I wouldn't buy a Ryobi tool anymore. I've had several but they seem to die too early.

    Still got a Ryobi sander, but I just bought a Makita to replace it. And on the subject of Bunnings, I'm getting less and less satisfaction out of attending. I'm starting to wonder why it's compulsory. Apart from the bad housekeeping -- stock all over the floor, shelf stock awry, prices missing, etc -- they don't seem to have much of a range. Fortunately there are the great online shops -- my latest satisfying dealings have been with Lee Valley, Carbatec and McJing. Amazing service from them all. PS: Not sure if I dreamed this, it doesn't seem real.

    But with Lee valley, I confirmed the delivery address on a Tuesday morning and the stuff was delivered on Friday morning. From Canada. And I forget which courier company they used but they were great too -- I had given a street address and the courier people rang on Friday to ask me the apartment number for the delivery. I work there so there was no apartment number, but how did they know that that address was an apartment building? Maybe there's some scary database somewhere, or maybe the despatcher is a genius and knows every building in town. Either way, the whole transaction was very satisfying.

    Considering that mostly it takes longer than that to get stuff from local suppliers. Your experiences are like mine recently. I used to go in there because they had a decent range but as of late things are looking rather barren in the toolshop. I think most of their sales will come from ozito gear now because any of the other stuff is getting scarce selection wise and not really competitive anyway.

    Stock consilidation has it's advantages but for a massive chain like BigB I think it's actually bad for business despite what may seem an initial saving. I have a feeling that BigB's power tools range will mimmick the garbage range tha is present in BigW atm given years. Back in the day they had a reasonable range as well but now I don't know why they bother.

    Ozito: Cheap lawn mowers that pack a punch

    I'm by no means a tool junkie expecting miracle gear but I'm finding more and more online toolshops with a bricks and mortar presences anyway to have prices of really good gear hitachi, makita etc equalling or close to BigB's midrange Ryobi junk. And speaking of Ozito I just took back a wet and dry grinder which lasted roughly 5 minutes. Then it fizzled and died. They replaced it of course, but I think I might be over Ozito now. I've got a few Ozito tools that are pretty good, but the last two things I've bought went smartly kaput.


    My wifes' employer is one of the larger Tool repair places in our city and he won't deal with them so Ryobi buyers with a warranty problem are left to have Bunnings and other retailers send their tools out of town as I understand the other repairers are also fed up with. Where do the non Bunnings retailers stand in all this as far as repairs. I too see Ryobi as less of a potential choice in any tool purchase I need to make. Other brands are looking good at this moment.

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