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Here you will pay about baht for a round trip plus baht taxi ride round trip to Haad Rin Beach, where the Full Moon Party takes place on Koh Phangan. However, the organized speedboat service is much more convenient. Prices usually start at baht for a package. It includes pick-up from your hotel on Koh Samui, the speed boat ride to Haad Rin, and the entire tour back. Tip: Here you can also conveniently book the transport to the Full Moon Party in advance.

Only the entrance of baht to the Full Moon Party you will have to pay extra. There are many different ways to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan: by train, bus, flight. Which you choose, of course, depends on your budget and your time. The fastest option is undoubtedly the flight.

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The flight to Koh Samui is usually very expensive, but from time to time there are great deals. You can check out cheap flights on Skyscanner. From Surat Thani you will only have a bus ride and a boat trip ahead of you. Also with the boats there are many possibilities. Tickets can be bought directly in the arrival hall at Surat Thani Airport.

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There are also bus and train connections from Bangkok to the south of Thailand. The Bangkok — Surat Thani train is very popular and a great experience if you are not in a hurry. This is also a very cheap option. The best way to check the connections from Bangkok is on 12go. However, we strongly recommend a stay of up to one week on Koh Phangan to explore the beautiful island away from the parties.

The Beginner’s Guide to The Full Moon Party in Thailand

It has so much to offer and has the most beautiful beaches in the Gulf of Thailand. You can find more about this later in the article. You should also be aware that many hotels do have a minimum stay for the Full Moon Party. This means that you have to book at least 3 to 5 nights at this time. In Haad Rin there is sometimes even a minimum stay of up to 7 days. In Haad Rin there is a wide choice of accommodation, whether hostels, bungalows or better hotels. In the town of Haad Rin you will find many more accommodations from which you can easily reach the Full Moon Party by foot.

Tip: Please note that Haad Rin is a very busy place. Especially in the Full Moon Party time, it can be a bit noisy and hectic in the village, this also applies to the days before the party. If you like it a little quieter, then you might want to look for accommodations on Leela Beach. Hotels like the Cocohut and The Cabin are creme de la creme. The clientele there has nothing to do with the typical party-goers. Maybe you are looking for exactly that? Koh Phangan is one of the most versatile islands in Thailand and you have a great selection of beautiful other places and beaches.

Many of them are much quieter and you can get to the Full Moon Party from all accommodations on the island. The days before the Full Moon Party are already filled with parties and events, e. For all current events, visit Phanganist. The tickets cost a bit more, but the atmosphere in the middle of the jungle is really unique. If you want to pre-party in Haad Rin in a happy atmosphere with cheap drinks, then check out the Jaya Hostel.

It is located in the center of Haad Rin near the lake. There, on the evening of the Full Moon Party, a pre-party will take place where you can also paint yourself and meet other party people. In addition, the drinks cost comparatively little there.

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A major criticism of the Full Moon Party is of course the garbage and the dirt. That the people pee directly into the sea is true. The garbage thing is not quite right. It is true that the beach is littered after the party. BUT: Shortly after sunrise, the resident resorts start cleaning their beach section. The bucket sellers also do their part and clear away their own garbage.

Full Moon Party Tours & Trips

That the beach is totally littered days after the party, as it is often told, is not true! The event starts at 7 A. The island has so much more to offer and in addition to the countless parties, there is plenty to see: gorgeous paradise beaches, great viewpoints, chilled sunset bars, many hiking opportunities and much more.

You can and should spend at least a few days on the island and discover its beauty instead of just partying and getting drunk at the hostel. Even unforgettable scooter tours are possible on Koh Phangan. You should also read this article. In our opinion, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

[SUPER MOON] FIRST FULL MOON PARTY 2019 @ KOH PHANGAN THAILAND - i survived the challenge, did you?

No need! There are occasional attempts to launch their own full moon parties, but with most visitors heading to Koh Phangan for the night, it actually makes no sense. Phuket indeed has its own Full Moon Party. It takes place during the monthly full moon on Paradise Beach near Patong. Admission is much higher and the beach is also much smaller than Haad Rin Beach. Even though the Full Moon Party has passed its golden age, we still think that you can visit this spectacle can, but not necessarily have to. We also go every now and then and never have any problems. The Full Moon Party definitely has its dark side and you should know that.

Special options

If, like us, you are not particularly into the electronic music genre, you can still celebrate well. The Sunrise Resort has some cool Drum and Bass sounds. Hi, I'm Marcel! Write for us. Check out this awesome blog have been looking at Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Embed.

Preview Full Moon Party Thailand.

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