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Plancha y tabla de planchar. Caja de Seguridad. Pantalla plana. Aire acondicionado. Secadora de cabello. Consola ipod y radio reloj despertador. Otros hoteles similares a Grand Oasis Cancun. Con hermosas La enorme playa de fina arena blanca se extiende frente Deja que nuestras actividades Smart Cancun by Oasis Con una personalidad inteligente, atractiva y un ambiente de emprendimiento, Smart Cancun es un hotel ubicado en el centro de la ciudad a la que su nombre refiere.

Si viajas There is only one restaurant that you have to make a reservation for and i heard it worth it you have to be waiting on line at 6am a day before to make it. No need for reservations except if you want to go to the fancy ones that you pay extra for. Our bracelet is black which included 10 restaurants and 10 bars I think. We bought all inclusive package but the fancy restaurant like " the white box" and "maki" you have to pay extra to dine there. To be honest, the restaurants included in our package are nice enough, depending on how picky you are with food though. No reservations were required at any of the restaurants I attended, but unless you do the Pyramid booking clear wristbands that include all dining options all VIP you can't visit some of the restaurants The pyramid package has 2 with reservations.

I had the grand package, and could go to most restaurants with no reservation. It was great because we could always eat where we wanted to, but there was usually around a 20 minute wait. My husband and I going to the grand oasis cancun in May, im just wondering is this hotel really loud? And a lot crazy people?

We are young but we like to stay calm and enjoy without drama or craziness, please share your experience. During Spring Break, the resort is loud and tends to be more of a party hotel. Since you are not traveling until May, you may not experience a huge party atmosphere, but its not until the summer months, where there are more families there than young adults. If you are interested in changing resorts, please contact our office at for more information.

There are sections. Stay at The Pyramid. It's not loud there. I stayed there during spring break and no issues.

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Ask for ocean view room. We just came back and they were wrapping up Spring Break, so it was kind of crazy on the Oasis side. The Grand Oasis side was pretty mild and quiet. The cab driver said it is the 1 party location for spring break. But they also divide the resort in 2 but the partiers do wander over to the more sane side of the resort. Skip this resort. Hotel security was nowhere to be found. What is the best Oasis Hotel in Cancun? I'm trying to figure out where to go, I have seen a lot of different Oasis hotel but not sure which one will be best for me, I'm looking for a place with good food, and activities in the afternoon or night, I would like a hotel where you can have fun but also be able to find a quite place to relax.

Any advice? For more information please call our beach experts at It's so big that you wont hear the noise. Ho many mileage? These are part of the same complex. The distinction is in the amenities and possibly the room location. They are all in the same resort no more than feet from each other. They are sort of one in the same. The only difference is that if you book at "Grand Oasis" you can go to all the bars and restaurants.

If you book "Oasis" you can only use the bars and restaurants that are at that end of the resort. The property for the Grand Oasis and The Oasis are the same. The lobby areas are different.

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We stayed at the Pyramid at the Grand Oasis. Its the same property just separate building. Is safe to co to downtown Cancun for shopping? Me and my husband are going to the Grand Oasis Cancun, however we would like to go to any mall or maybe down town to shop or get to know more the city, however we are really scare, this will be the first time in Mexico, and im not sure if leaving the hotel is a safe and good idea, what you guys think about this?

Is safe to take the bus or taxis? And how far is the closer mall from Grand Oasis Cancun? The area in general is safe to take a taxi or bus and walk around in. There is a mall located within 5 minutes of the Grand Oasis Cancun. Yes it is so safe! You can take a taxi for 15 bucks or the public bus which was really safe for 1 dollar! You can't beat it.

The buses run every 5 mins and the last bus from downtown is at 5 am! Absolutely safe. All of Cancun is very well lit and protected night and day. There's a reason millions of tourists go there year after year. We walked from our hotel and took a bus. The bus ride is only 1 US dollar per ride and they circle the strip every 15 minutes. You can't go wrong. They will bring you to any of the malls or shops. I do not recommend renting a cab. Not worth it. We did not go shopping at any of the malls but my experience was that we felt very safe around Cancun. Tourism is their lively hood and I wouldn't believe you would have any issues when shopping at any of the malls in the area.

Get suggestions from your agency while there at the hotel. Very pricey though. We took a taxi to a neighboring hotel less than a mile away. Our next visit to the same hotel, we walked. We took bus to the Isla Mall and it was an easy and safe ride. It was a very americanized mall. Bus ride took about 10 minutes. Safe fee? Hi there, I was reading someone asked about safe fee, there is different answers, some ppl said that the safe is free other said that is not, when I went to the room details in cheapcaribbean, it does say that there is free in room safe, so how come it says something in your website but is not true?

This resort does offer in room safes for an additional charge. For pricing please contact the resort directly. So there was no fee for my safe. I stayed at Grand Oasis Cancun, the most expensive one. The black bracelets get vip which includes the free safe. Safe is absolutely free through cheapcarribean. I just returned and I didnt pay anything extra.

We didn't have to pay for the "lock" for the "safe" because we booked through CheapCaribbean. The room safe was free for us. Might depend on the package you purchase. Excursions 3 answers. Which of the snorkeling tours is the best? I want the Catamaran with party, drinks, and snorkeling all together. For more information and pricing on excursion please call our customer service department at Just got back yesterday and would recommend the trip offered through Cheap Caribbean. We went on a catamaran to a specific site to view underwater statues.

If you are looking for a more "natural" snorkeling site, I can't really help you. After snorkeling, there was plenty of parting and we stopped at a small island for shopping and or beach time for about 90 minutes before motoring to another location for lunch. On the way back the sails were raised, drinks flowed and the crew entertained us with their dancing.

It was good. It was a long day and Catamaran can be hot if you don't get the one with the shade in the middle. We loved the Island of Woman. Eat at the little pubs on the free hour you have on the island. Food and ice cold beer were great! What are the pool hours? For the most up-to-date information on pool hours, please check with the hotel directly. It is about 20 mins from the airport.

Its a little longer though if you share transportation. I would recommend getting a private transport. Depending on the time of day, minutes. It's pretty close, I can say around 15 minutes, no more. What is Sian Kaan Ameneties 5 answers. So if i book next the grand oasis, does that give you access to the sian kaan beach club, white box, and cocoa? Sian Ka'an doesn't hold any particular meaning, other than it is the name of the biosphere reserve in the area.

It is being used here by the resort to mean a special status which includes additional benefits. The amenities listed on site are the benefits you would receive: Additional beer, liquor and snacks. Good to know that white box requires reservations sometimes. They did not tell us this until we walked up to door one night. We just got back and we had Sian Ka'an amenities and stayed in the Playa 2 building with ocean view.

Make sure you check in at the Sian Ka'an club which is directly to your left as you enter the main pyramid building. DO NOT go to the main check in lobby. Ypu must book gran Oasis cancun pyramid in order to have all the access. Does the grand Oasis offer snorkeling with the all inclusive package? If not what do you suggest? We are wanting to snorkel during our stay there according to our travel agent all water activities are covered as long as they aren't "motorized" activities. Below is the list of water activities this resort offers. You can also purchase snorkeling excursions at an additional cost.

Hi Louisiana, I just got back from a 5 day stay with my boyfriend at the Grand Osasis, and they do not offer snorkeling as part of the all inclusive package. However, we were able to do snorkeling, zip lining, kayaking and more at an island called Isla de Mujeres. We booked a VIP package with our hotel. It was a great deal, which included the Roundtrip ferry, all food and drinks and all activites mentioned above. Also, includes an exclusive locker and shower room just for VIP members and a separate lounge with pool, jacuzzi, and beach chairs.

On the ferry it also included a Continental breakfast. Hope this helps, enjoy your vacation! And yes it doesn't cost to do it. Water sports are offered, however not on the resort. The waves at the beach for the resort are much too rough for snorkeling, or even just enjoying playing in the water. The sports are offered at AquaWorld which they tell you is "just across the street. These activities are done in the lagoon which is much more calm.

We never took advantage of it because of the inconvenience. Is it close to any achaeology sites? There are several on the island that are a short drive away. We went to Tulum and it was absolutely beautiful! Tulum, Xelha and Chitchen Itza are all relatively close and may also be booked in advance as excursions.

Tulum and Chichen Itza will be the closest sites. Both are not close to Cancun proper. Tulum is about a 2 hour bus ride while Chichen Itza is a bit longer but well worth it. Tulum is on the coast so has a wonderful cooling breeze. Chichen Itza is in the middle of the jungle, the pyramid being in a huge open field, and can be extremely hot depending on the time of year you travel. Expect the temps to be at least 10 degrees higher there than in Cancun. No we rode four hours to see the 7 Wonders of the World. Do you help with problems that occur on the trip? I have just booked a trip to the Grand Oasis Cancun.

If we have problems with the hotel, will CheapCaribbean. If you have any issues while you are on vacation you can call and speak to one of our In Destination representatives who will assist you while you are on vacation. They can be reached from 5am until 3am EST. We were upgraded by the hotel because when we booked we were given a standard room and the next day the hotel took care of us. Just came from there, they have representative during business hours on property.

I had numerous issues and it was like every man was on their own! Good luck, book a car rental and just get out everyday. The hotel service is horrible, you will see. The hotel features a meter, free-flowing swimming pool, one of the largest in Latin America, that also boasts three swim-up bars.

Only one bartender and caters to tips. Beach chairs and towel service is available. Yes all the time available till 6pm. Is room service included in the price? No there is and extra cost for room service purpose not for the food but for the service. Room service is not included. For more information, please call us at 1. No, room service was a little extra. Yes and No. Room service is available and the food is free, but there is a delivery charge.

Are there any dining restrictions at Grand Oasis Cancun? I know some resorts only offer a designated number of a-la-carte dinners. Also, how far in advance are reservations taken for dinners? They are a few on some dress codes but it all dependa on the package you purchase, however i would suggest you bring some fressy clother for some of the pkaces and there is only restaurant that needs previews reservation with a couple of hrs only 1 restaurant with a day in adbanced reservations and 1 no kids under 12 aloud.

Upon check-in at the resort you may schedule dinner reservations. Some resorts may have dinning restrictions. To check with them directly, their international number is: to dial out No, there is only one restaurant where you will need to make a reservation 24 hours ahead of the schedule date. Yes, but only for two restaurants; the Careyes requires reservations; while it and the White box require "formal attire".

The Careyes reservation can be made at the front desk for that day. There are time slots, so if you're flexible than it isn't a problem. If you want an earlier meal you may want to reserve a day in advance though. Women can basically wear whatever they want. We had black wrist bands and were told the restaurants don't take reservations. We went right after spring break was over and had no trouble getting into any restaurants to eat.

What is th VIP package that is included with the purchase of my package? The VIP amenities are as follows: Sian Ka'an category amenities, including additional beer, liquor and snacks. Free bottle of wine in room Beach towels in room Free in room safe Coffee, water and welcome cocktail service in the separate check-in area Internet Stations US Magazines and Newspapers Lounge Area Oasis Plus concierge service If you have any further questions, you may contact the resort directly or call and speak to one of our Beachologists at It gave us priority check in, access to the VIP Bar, priority seating on the beach and pool areas, access to the nicer restaurants, wifi and a beachfront room with an amazing view..

There are two levels of VIP service, one with a clear wristband and one with a gold one with the clear being less expensive. The lounging area is nothing spectacular. It is on the beach and have cabanas available for relaxing. They also have a server that comes by periodically to get you a drank, at a snails pace. The champagne was awful and the safe key is no big deal. I suggest if you're doing it, just stick with the clear wrist band level. Gives you all access to the resort with no worries. Are the rooms equipped with blow dryers 5 answers. Yes, the rooms have a hair dryer available.

If you have any further questions, you may contact the resort directly or call and speak to one of our Beachologists at Do they have workign AC? I would like to book this but I keep reading reviews of broken air conditioning. How can I make sure that I am booking somewhere with reliable AC?


Grand Oasis Cancun

The rooms do have AC. If there is any issues with any amenities while in destination, both Cheap Caribbean and the resort will do their best to remedy those problems. We had 2 rooms. One worked the other didn't. Spoke to 3 other people at resort and theirs didn't work. How much does it cost for the use of the Internet in the room? As the rates are offered at the resort and may change at any time, please check with the resort directly for the most up to date information regarding Wifi.

Their international phone number is: to dial out Very shotty service. How much extra is the SPA? As the rates are offered at the resort and may change at any time, please check with the resort directly for the most up to date information regarding spa treatments. Yes, the resort does have swim up bars. How is the beach? The beach at this resort is white and sandy. Awesome, I like waves so I liked the ocean but didn't see a calm water spot. The beach was lovely. My only complaint was there were no servers on the beach. You had to run back to the resort if you wanted any drinks, alcoholic or regular.

This beach is by far one of the most beautiful I've seen. Very nice! Room costs 3 answers. Are standard and ocean view rooms the same cost. Where is price detail?? They are not the same price. Prices vary based on travel dates. You may build a package on the site to get exact rates for your travel dates or contact one of our Beachologists at for further assistance. Ocean view rooms cost more. We lucked out and got upgraded to ocean view for free probably the other rooms were full. But the view is definitely worth the added fee. I don't know but if you can afford it, go for the balcony looking at the ocean it is amazing.

Don't go rooms are horrible stay at the Riu. Do any of the wheel chair accesible rooms have ocean view. Please check with the resort directly for the most up to date information regarding handicap accessible rooms. Not sure about the entire resort, but the Garden View I stayed in is not wheelchair accessible. Neither is the bathroom.

And I don't remember seeing a ramp to the beach, only stairs. Is red bull or something similar to red bull available at the bars as part of the all inclusive package? Please check with the resort directly for the most up to date information regarding drink selection. It is available but for a surcharge. I asked for a red bull and vodka and the bartender said this to me. I hope this answers your question. No it is not. I was disappointed but there is a convenience store across the street from the resort which has them available. I doubt it, since not even bottled water is available.

Save your money - go somewhere else - not at all what it seems. Is there an early checkin? Or can you get your bracelet before your room is ready so you can enjoy the resort while you wait for checkin time? Most resorts will allow your luggage to be in the hotel lobby until your room is ready. Please check with the resort directly for the most up to date information. No early check in but yes you can Get your bracelet.

Yes as soon as you get there they will give you a bracelet. They'll hold your bags until your room is ready and you go back when they tell you and they'll give you room keys. Yes, you can check-in when you get there at least to get your bracelet - I've been there on a bachelor party trip twice Nov and June and we did that both times - the last time the rooms were ready before 3pm typical check-in time but not when we got in at like 10am - we checked back in after a few hours and I think at least one of the 3 rooms was ready by 1, but it is luck of the draw.

They will stow your bags at the concierge and if you're already in bathing suit or not hit the bathrooms and change you should be good to go! They give u the bracelet when u check in and hold your luggage til your room is ready. If so, what is the cost for each person? Also, what is the cost for a single person traveling from STL for this same deal?

If you need any help booking, please call and speak to one of our Beachologists at The deals can be different when people are coming out of different cities. If you give one of our agents a call at they can help you book it with your budget. How much extra is wifi? I am wondering how much extra does wifi cost for a cell phone.

It wasn't too bad. You can either buy a code from the front desk or buy a card from a vending machine only pesos. We bought a card, but it was so slow to the point of being basically useless. Try the code. OR some secret buildings like Le Buffet have free wifi that they don't tell you about. I downloaded messages every morning at breakfast. Am I limited to only 2 children? I have 3 children 6yr, 4yr, and 1. I only see options to include 2 children. How do I add my 3rd child to the reservation?

The 1. Please call us for assistance with this reservation. I'm not sure the exact answer to your question, but we just got back from staying here, and I won't recommend this as a family friendly resort. It is very noisy, hard to get a place to eat, and caters to the college crowd. I would look at a different location for your children unless you are going during non spring break times. Also, the surf is very rough at this location. You wont be going out too far. How late is the pool open and is there a hot tub 5 answers. Most pools at most resorts close between pm.

I never saw a hot tub. Not sure on pool times. The pool closes at 7pm or when the sun sets. No unless you have a hot tub in the room.

Grand Oasis Cancun todo incluido · Oasis Hotels & Resorts

In the spa you have to pay to use it. The pool is open until 10 and no hot tub. Pool is open 24 hrs and no hot tub. Is there ample security 5 answers. I always felt safe to walk the grounds any time of day. Security was very noticeable everywhere on the resort. We saw plenty of security guards. The staff were so nice we didn't feel the need for security. Yes but keep your things locked in your room especially passport. What kind of beer is available with the VIP package?

If you have any further questions or need help booking, please call and speak to one of our Beachologists at Golden laggers. Same nasty cheap beer They say it's XX but it's not The kegs don't have a label on them. What do you charge for Wi-Fi access? Free internet in the main building in the VIP lounge. Ask for access code at the main desk! Is there a clothing optional or topless area. Please check with the resort directly for the most up to date information regarding sunbathing options. Do u need to. I seen this on reviews on trip advisor.

This hotel includes Unlimited domestic and select international alcoholic beverages, including house wines, but some dining restrictions may apply. Please check with the front desk for details. I would purchase the mug or bring one otherwise you'll spend the whole day going back and forth to the bar.

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They will give you small solo cups. No, drinks are severed in plastic cups, all you want. People buy mugs to keep the drinks cold and to not have to refill as much. No drinks are free. They restock your fridge every day too. We always have 4 bottles of water, 3 beers and 10 sodas stock every day. No, you do not have to purchase a cup to drink out of. All the bars have ample glass and plastic ware. What some do is to either bring from home or buy on site a larger, plastic cup or travel mug. That way they can receive a larger portion, keep it colder and save themselves trips to the bar.

That, really, is the only advantage I see. Is there an ATM in the hotel somewhere? They do have an ATM in the resort. Color of bracelet 4 answers. If I booked a standard room what color bracelet will we get? If it's the black one do I have access to Cocoa and Careyes restaurants. You will have access to the restaurants found on our website. Yes Bean, you'll receive a black bracelet with a standard room and it will not allow you access to those 2 restaurants or, my favorite, The White Box. But for what I thought was a very reasonable upgrade charge you can have access to those 3 fabulous restaurants and some very nice bars as well.

The upgraded bracelet is clear or "transparent" as they call it. And you can request this upgrade upon check in. Black one gets you access to most all restaurants and bars. No not the ones you listed.

I believe it would be blue. Only the Pyramid guests have black or gold and have access to those restaurants. What are the top 5 restaurants at the Grand Oasis Cancun? There's so much variety between all the restaurants that it would be difficult to compare them. On-site you'll find no less than 18 restaurants including a sushi bar, seafood restaurant and, of course, some fine Mexican places! What's more, you can count on regular entertainment - imagine Red Circus shows, live concerts, lounge and nightclub performances, restaurant shows, resident DJs and poolside skits!

The guestrooms are every bit as stunning as every other part of the resort - you're here to be truly spoilt, to fully relax and to let it lose. Best bit: you can do all of this and much more right at the Grand Oasis Cancun. Around the Grand Oasis, there are a number of other resorts meaning the entire area is abuzz with tourists partying long into the night, providing an exciting getaway to this beautiful area of Mexico. Cancun International Airport is just 20 minutes away and along a beautiful drive where you can get your first glimpse of the coastline.

PLEASE NOTE: These rooms are on the Oasis Lite room all-inclusive package and will grant you access to 8 restaurants and 11 bars, if you want to use all restaurants and bars at the hotel, you can pay extra on arrival at the hotel desk. There's no end of things to do here, with offerings on the table including a 9-hole golf course, outdoor tennis courts and a large pool surrounded by green gardens. Read more about this hotel. The Oasis Cancun Lite Hotel features guestrooms each with a terrace or balcony, air conditioning, private bathroom, king size bed or two queen size beds, flat screen TV with cable and PPV pay per view service, direct dial telephone, in room safe extra charge payable locally and amenities.

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This is charged per room per night and the cost will be applied either upon check-in or check-out. Location 3. Grand Oasis Cancun.

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Cancun, Mexico. Room facilities The Oasis Cancun Lite Hotel features guestrooms each with a terrace or balcony, air conditioning, private bathroom, king size bed or two queen size beds, flat screen TV with cable and PPV pay per view service, direct dial telephone, in room safe extra charge payable locally and amenities.

Breakfast, Continental, Restaurant Barlovento , Daily: -

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